She just did that! Bella Thorne seriously, actually, literally named her new puppy "Tampon" on Dec. 12, and we don't know how to feel.

The Famous in Love star showed off the adorable new Australian Shepherd pup she adopted with boyfriend Modsun on Instagram Stories one day earlier, announcing "so we got a little baby!" At the time, the "little girl" didn't have a name, so Bella asked for fans to choose between two highly-risque names: "C—y" and "Tampon." Believe it or not, fans didn't choose Tampon, but she seemed to stick with it anyway. "Imagine when an elderly lady asks what her name is!" teased Bella.

Hours later she took to Stories again to share some precious videos of the pooch sitting on Mod's lap while he goes "who's my little Tampon? Pretty girl!" Later, Bella showed her chewing up some papers and wrote "she loves her new name!" Luckily, it seems like Bella also gave her the nickname "Tampy," which is at least a little better.

Some fans thought the name was hilarious, but others weren't so pleased. "I love you girl but don't name a precious little pup that s–t," said one fan. Another agreed, saying "I love you but this isn't funny… the dog does not deserve that, and if your family called like that names? Did you like it? Because me no."

Whether or not you like the name, little Tampon is lucky to have such an animal lover for a mom. Bella has adopted a hoard of pets this year, from her pooch Dojo in May to her Akita pup Grump$ in August. She also has two other dogs: Voodoo and Kingston, plus two cats, Lola and Louis. She also frequently has a bunch of kittens around thanks to her sister Danielle's cats having new litters all the time. Low-key, that's our dream life.

Bella often brings her pets to set, but since she can't always be around to take care of them herself, she reportedly uses Wag, the "Uber for dogs" to come walk them and make sure they're happy.