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Crew Overboard! ‘Below Deck’ Cast Members Who Were Fired During Their Charter Seasons

If there’s one thing Below Deck franchise fans have come to know, working aboard a super yacht is a high stress, high pressure environment filled with 15-hour plus workdays. For some cast members over the years, the job proved too overwhelming, while for others it was being stuck aboard a boat with coworkers they didn’t get along with that was their downfall.

Rarely does a season go by without at least one crew member — and in some cases multiple cast mates — getting fired while charter season was underway. Some were let go a few hours before a new group of guests were ready to board a ship, leaving the rest of the crew shorthanded for the charter. However, if the crew doesn’t mesh well or someone makes repeated mistakes, captains have no problem lowering the boom.

Scroll down for the Below Deck stars who have been fired and the reasons why they were let go.