Is that you, Kylie and Kendall Jenner? Nope, it’s Benito Skinner, a.k.a. Benny Drama, and his boyfriend, Terrence O’Connor. The Instagram influencer, 25, and Terrence, 25, attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween bash — as a guest of SVEDKA Vodka — on Thursday, October 31, at Cathédrale New York, and Benny exclusively told Life & Style why he decided to embrace his inner Kardashian for the big night. “I was watching the Met Gala red carpet coverage with my boyfriend and Kylie and Kendall stepped out, and I just gasped,” he revealed. “I was like, ‘That is one thousand percent of what I am being, and you are being Kendall.’ Fortunately, I have a very nice boyfriend, so he agreed immediately, but it was a done deal at that point.”

Of course, Benny knew from the get-go that he was going to dress as the billionaire while Terrence was Kendall since he is “taller.” Luckily, Christopher Palu, who was on Project Runway, made the dresses for the duo. “He went fabric shopping and found pretty much exactly what was going to translate as the costume,” Benny said. “We approved the samples, and then he made it. He just worked his ass off and made the Kylie dress fast enough so I could try it on before I left for a few shows in L.A. I tried it on, and it was literally perfect. It’s just like my dream costume.”

Bennito Skinner Dressed as Kylie and Kendall Jenner for Halloween
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

The blogger isn’t afraid to show his love for the Kardashians in his YouTube videos or on Instagram, so this costume was a no-brainer. “I am such a Kylie, it was like no question,” he shared. “So, it is funny when people ask because they are like, ‘I already know the answer, just to make sure — are you Kylie?’ Like, yeah. I wanted to do her full makeup, like the wig ad nails and everything. When I have the nails on, I turned into a completely different human being.”

Even though Benny has expressed his feelings about Kris Jenner, he revealed that her costume at the Met Gala “wasn’t as wild or colorful” for him this year. “I will be Kris at some point,” he said. “I am also Kris all of the time, and I don’t get to be Kylie as much. I think just because of the colorful component and also because I wanted to something with my boyfriend. Us together is the full costume, which I think is really fun and a special moment for us.”

Benny has yet to meet the Kardashians but is hoping the day comes in the future. “I am so impressed by them and obviously they are a huge source of my inspiration for videos,” he revealed. “I hope if they have seen the videos that they enjoy them. I know they have seen some, and I have gotten feedback, so that is good.”

So, was Benny nervous that he had a little ~competition~ since Kylie’s daughter, Stormi Webster, also rocked the same look? “I am not going to start a beef with Storm Storm,” he began. “She definitely wore it best. I think out of me, Kylie and her — I think she is definitely going to come out the winner. She looked like an angel. Different interpretations, but yeah, you can’t beat that face.”

Benito Skinner and His BF Dressed as Kylie and Kendall for Halloween
Courtesy of Benito Skinner/Instagram

Prior to the event, the star revealed what he was most excited for. “I love seeing everybody’s costumes and going inside and just staring at people,” he said. “It’s just going to me and my boyfriend in the corner, like with our drink — our Svedka in hand — just sipping and staring at everyone’s costumes. I love seeing how hard people go. I think that is what I love so much about the party. I think that people really commit, and Halloween is so fun if you commit. If you just totally go in, the more you give, the more you are going to get from it, I really believe that.”

Well, you killed it, Benny and Terrence! We can’t wait for next year’s costume.