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You probably have a curling iron or straightener, but have you considered adding a hair crimper to your arsenal of beauty tools? Crimpers can create a range of voluminous looks, from loose, bouncy curls to short, fluffy waves. 

Hair crimpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes — this is great for diversifying styling options but can make picking the right one difficult. Below, you’ll find a lineup of tools that create salon-worthy crimped hair. Explore the options, and you may just find your new daily staple!

The Best Hair Crimper You Can Buy 

The Best Overall Hair Crimper: Coidak Triple Barrel Hair Waver

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Natural-looking waves, silky smooth tresses, and just minutes to beautiful hair—need we say more? The Coidak Triple Barrel Hair Waver will help you create the loose, beachy waves of your dreams. Built with 3 ceramic barrels that distribute balanced heat in under 60 seconds, this hair waver will give you elegant tresses no matter what your hair type is. 

The Coidak iron comes with a heat-resistant glove for extra protection, plus a set of hair clips to streamline styling. You can easily switch up your look by experimenting with different angles, amounts of hair, and temperatures. However you choose to style, the Coidak Triple Barrel Hair Waver will give you long-lasting looks without damaging your hair.

The Best Hair Crimper for Beginners: LAYADO 3 Barrel Curling Iron Hair Waver

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At some point, we’ve all had an unpleasant experience with a curling iron that’s resulted in a burn. With hair crimping being a two-hand task, a little extra protection is helpful to prevent the hot iron from making contact with skin. This crimping tool from LAYADO has an anti-scald design and insulated tip to protect your fingers while styling. 

The beginner-friendly iron also comes with heat-resistant gloves to double down on burn protection. Plus, the iron keeps the temperature on the moderate side with a maximum of 410°F. With a bit of practice and this easy-to-use tool, you’ll be on your way to creating salon-worthy styles!

The Best Hair Crimper for Beachy Waves: TOP4EVER 3 Barrel Curling Iron Hair Crimper

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For bouncy, beachy waves like Maisie Williams rocked at Paris Fashion Week, this triple-barrel iron from TOP4EVER will give you professional-looking hairdos that last throughout the day. With the iron’s 25-centimeter barrels, you can create soft, shiny waves in a matter of minutes compared to single-barrel irons. 

The ceramic barrels heat up to temperature in less than a minute and help up your hair’s shine factor while managing frizz. With a maximum temperature of 410°, you’ll get just enough heat to create styles that last without damaging your locks with extra-high heat. 

The Best Budget-Friendly Hair Crimper: Ten-Tatent Hair Curling Iron 

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Who knew you could create beautiful, voluminous hairstyles for less than the cost of your lunch? The Ten-Tatent Hair Curling Iron is a killer value at only $12.99—and when you consider that it comes with an insulation glove to take safety up a notch, the bargain gets even better. 

This curling iron has a ceramic triple-barrel body that creates natural, elegant “S” curls. Heated ceramic produces negatively charged ions to create soft, shiny waves. This iron only has two heat settings—338°F and 429°F—so it may not be the best fit for those with frail, thin hair. 

The Best Hair Crimper for Creating Different Styles: HANMEI Crimper Hair Iron

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With four interchangeable plates that you can switch out to create different styles, the HANMEI Crimper Hair Iron can help you diversify your do from one day to the next. Whether you’re in the mood for silky, straight tresses or effortlessly messy waves, this device can make it all happen with a single tool.

This hair crimping tool uses tourmaline and ceramic to emit negative ions to make your hair look smooth, shiny, and healthy. The ceramic coating also works to protect your hair from unwanted heat damage while helping to create salon-worthy styles in a snap!

The Best Hair Crimper for 80s-Inspired Styles: Gold N Hot Professional Ceramic 2-Inch Hair Crimper Iron

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If you’re inspired to recreate the fluffy, crimped hairstyles of the 80s, the Gold N Hot Professional Ceramic Iron is the perfect tool to take you back in time. Equipped with 2-inch plates that create short, tight waves, this iron will add beautiful texture to your tresses.

Gold N Hot’s crimper heats up to 450°F with a range of temperature settings to fit various hair types. The 6-foot, tangle-free swivel cord makes it easy to move around to different sections of your hair, while finger rests at the top of the plates simplify two-hand styling. With this iron in your lineup, you can create decade-defining styles with ease. 

The Best Hair Crimper for Frizzy Hair: CkeyiN Interchangeable Hair Crimper

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If you have naturally frizzy locks, you may have shied away from crimped hair in the past to avoid magnifying the frizz. However, the CkeyiN Interchangeable Hair Crimper works wonders when it comes to creating frizz-free styles. Even in humid environments, this crimping tool can give your hair a smooth, sleek upgrade.

The iron comes with four interchangeable plates to help you achieve pin-straight, flipped, or wavy hairstyles. Its anti-static ceramic design helps to reduce static and flyaways while supercharging shine. Whether your hair is dyed, damaged, coarse, or curly, this iron is suitable for all hair types. 

The Best Hair Crimper for Quick Styling: MBHAIR Ceramic Crimper Iron

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If you’re interested in beautiful hairstyles but aren’t thrilled about the idea of spending hours in front of the mirror, the MBHair Ceramic Crimper Iron can style your hair on the fly. This iron is easy to operate and has a comfortable, ergonomic handle to streamline the styling process. Even beginners can count on quicker styling!

Additionally, this tool from MBHair helps to eliminate static while locking in hydration. The plates apply direct heat to give a super-smooth effect without slipping down the hair. With 5 different heat settings and the ability to reach 430°F in just 30 seconds, you’ll be out the door with beautiful locks in no time!

The Best Hair Crimper for Travel: DSHOW 4-in-1 Hair Crimper

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Next time you set out to travel, you’ll want to add the DSHOW 4-in-1 Hair Crimper to the top of your packing list. Equipped with a set of interchangeable ceramic wave plates, this tool is the perfect all-in-one iron to create a variety of styles while you’re exploring new locations. 

With dual voltage capability, this crimper is compatible with all of your international adventures. Are you exploring a humid oasis? Worry not! The titanium ceramic plates help to fight frizz while creating styles that last all day. Thanks to blazing-fast heating and an easy-to-use ergonomic design, you can spend more time enjoying your vacation instead of getting ready.

The Best Hair Crimper for Volume: UKLISS Hair Crimper

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Are you looking to take your hair to new heights by adding some volume? The UKLISS Hair Crimper will do just the trick! This tool is specially designed to fluff up your do with 2-inch plates that add size and dimension to every strand. Choose from 4 temperature levels that heat up to 446°F to deliver long-lasting styles. 

Use the UKLISS Hair Crimper near your roots for effortless volume, or take the traditional route and apply heat all around your head for small, tight waves. Each plate is made of a titanium-ceramic glaze to ensure quick, even heat while preventing damage. 

Which Hair Crimper is best for your Life & Style?

As you can see, hair crimpers are excellent tools for giving your hair a volume upgrade and adding beautiful, coiled waves to your tresses. When selecting the best hair crimper for you, it’s most important to consider the style you want to achieve. 

For effortless beachy waves, consider one of the larger, triple-barrel options. For small, angular waves, pick one of the more traditional plated crimpers. Once you’ve selected the type of crimper that fits your personal style, choose the model that’s most compatible with your hair type — happy styling!