She’s had enough! Bethenny Frankel doesn’t care what body-shamers think of her figure and she’s telling them off on social media.

The Real Housewives of New York City star, 48, took to her Instagram Story to address the trolls criticizing her bod. She first posted a clip of an ice cream sundae, followed by another short video of herself eating the dessert. “Yeah I’m skinny. So tell me to eat a burger or that I’m gonna throw it up #f–ckoff,” she wrote as she smiled at the camera. Yes, queen!

Over the years, Bethenny has had to continually call out haters who have nothing better to do than focus on her body type. Therefore, she uses her platform to uplift herself, as well as other women.

Bethenny Frankel


When she dressed as a Victoria’s Secret angel for Halloween a few months ago, many pinned the reality star against the Kardashians who also channeled the look. She posted two photos of herself looking amazing in the sexy outfit and had a classy response to someone comparing her to the famous sisters. “For those haters, I suppose that monetizing reality TV is not the only good idea that the Kardashians and I have shared simultaneously,” she wrote in her comments section, adding, “For those who bash theirs or my body, go hate somewhere else.” Well, said!

Despite what many think, she eats pretty normal. For example, during her pregnancy in 2010, she indulged and ate whatever she craved. “I had cheesecake. I had a dessert every day, but I didn’t go overboard,” she told Us Weekly at the time. “I think people go crazy and that’s why they gain so much weight. People just have to be reasonable: Food is not your best friend or your enemy.”

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You may be wondering what she usually eats and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. “I’ve just been eating normally,” she told the outlet about her post-baby diet. “You can’t ever binge. If you don’t binge, you wont be overweight. I had a bagel today. I had a tuna sandwich and some chips. I’ll have something good for dinner, but I don’t eat ice cream and cake all day or whatever. I try to have good eating habits.” Not bad!