We don't know what Blac Chyna is trying to convey with the new commercial for her makeup line, Lashed Cosmetics, but it's definitely not making us want to buy her product!

In the short clip, which was posted to the model's Instagram page, a woman is held hostage by a man with a grey face, who screams, "Tell me where the products are!" When his prisoner says that she doesn't know, he asks, "You want me to take your life?" Dark.

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The video later shows shots of the woman tied up while the villain brandishes a whip before he chokes and gags her… all over some makeup, apparently. Her posse arrives to strangle him just in the nick of time, and the commercial ends with one of the girls opening a box, though we don't get to see what's inside.

"What's in the Box? Find out now @lashedcosmetics," Chyna captioned the post on her page. Based on the comments, the mother-of-two's social media followers weren't fans of the ad either, with one person writing, "Strange marketing…bad," while another added, "Looks cheap and pointless. Had to watch it twice, and it really is that bad!!"

Chyna, who briefly appears in the clip, was also criticized for her performance. "Couldn't act her way outta wet paper bag," one user wrote.

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The 28-year-old previously spoke out about being a business owner, telling Essence, "I don’t care if it’s one dollar or a million dollars, I’m someone who is going to figure it out and figure out how to get it on my own… I’ve been hustling for a long time and I feel like everything is starting to come full circle."

In case you're wondering what the box holds, it's a Lashed Limited Edition 12 Lipstick set, and customers can choose between 21 shiny or matte shades. Sounds a lot like another lip kit we know…