Another one bites the dust! Blac Chyna is not messing around when it comes to the men in her life. The reality star just split from her now ex-boyfriend Mechie. According to new reports from TMZ, the star got into a heated argument on Monday night with Mechie over his constant flirting with other women on social media.

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The couple had been dating for less than two months and Mechie had already gotten the initials “BC” tattooed behind his ear in Chyna’s honor. We hope that removal isn’t too painful… Watch the video below to learn more about the breakup!

And it seems like it hasn’t taken her long to bounce back from the split! She was spotted at the strip club Ace of Diamonds. But, who knows how long the breakup will last? According to a source, Mechie is desperate to win Chyna over so maybe the two will be able to put their differences behind them and get back together.

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We thought that Chyna would take some time to be alone after her revenge porn scandal with Rob Kardashian — but we were wrong! Two weeks after her ex-fiancé posted naked photos of her on the Internet she was already hanging out with the aspiring rapper. Which makes sense when you think about it since he was the man she was making out with in the video that she allegedly sent to Rob.

The pair was not shy about their relationship, constantly posting pics and videos to social media together. Either way, one thing is for sure: Blac Chyna is not willing to put up with any nonsense. Just ask Rob!