Get it, girl! Blac Chyna is no stranger to changing up her ‘do, and though we’ve hardly ever seen her natural hair, we gotta say, the wigs she rocks are pretty iconic. And recently, the mother-of-two took to Instagram to show off her brand new locks — and this has to be our favorite look to date! Watch the video below to see her transformation:

Besides showing off her ever-changing hair, Chy has also been flaunting her enviable post-baby bod while out on the town. Of course, ex Rob Kardashian claimed he paid for $100,000 worth of plastic surgery for the 29-year-old.

“And so u know she had her butt reduced but I know it still looks wild,” he posted on Instagram in the midst of his revenge porn scandal over the summer. “This was after surgery and it still look like this, come on chy. Stop posting them butt workout ads like u doing something.” 

This whole debacle left the parents in a nasty custody battle, but a source told Us Weekly that the duo is trying to work things out. “They co-parent pretty well in terms of scheduling,” the insider said. “They have two nannies that alternate, so that also makes it incredibly easy. A nanny is with Dream 100 percent of the time, even when she’s sleeping. It’s 24-hour care for Dream.”