It’s all about self-love! Blac Chyna took to Instagram on Monday, May 4, to share a video of her daughter, Dream Kardashian, gushing over what seems to be her favorite physical features.

“I have beautiful teeth,” Dream told the camera before her mom agreed. The 3-year-old then got up to show off her gorgeous hair. “Watch this, mommy. Look how long,” she said. We’re lovin’ the confidence and so are fans! “She is so beautiful,” wrote one follower. “So pretty!” commented a second. “She is so precious,” replied a third. We couldn’t agree more.

Blac Chyna and Dream Kardashian
Courtesy of @blacchyna/Instagram

Not only is Chyna, 31, big on teaching her kids about self-love, but it’s also important for her that they learn how to take care of their physical well-being, too. Chyna revealed diet is an essential part of her everyday life and it became that way ever since she welcomed her son, King Cairo, with ex Tyga.

“When I was younger, before I had both my babies, I was able to eat whatever I wanted to … I did not care,” the mom of two exclusively told Life & Style in January. “After I had Kingy, I started to be more health-conscious. Then, after Dream, I felt as though I gained so much weight with my babies, I needed to honestly get on my health tip so I could be around for them when they get older and to show them better eating habits.”

So far, Chyna is all about making sure King and Dream get a healthy amount of water intake. “I’m really big on water, especially King, he’s super into it,” she added. “Dreamy, not so much. I’m getting her more into it.”

The brunette beauty can’t help but gush over her kids anytime she gets. In fact, they’ve influenced her life in a very positive way. “I had King when I was 24, I’m 31 right now,” she exclusively revealed to Life & Style in December 2019. “Just thinking about the bigger picture and things in the long run, I didn’t think I was going to have this really big house and just certain things, or just learn different things about myself to make me a better person. I definitely appreciate my kids for that, for sure.”

How sweet!