Sibling fun! Blac Chyna took to Instagram on Sunday, March 22, to share a video of her two kids, King Cairo and Dream Kardashian, having a blast jumping on a trampoline.

“Weee!” they shouted as King, whom Chyna shares with ex Tyga, carried his little sister on his back. King and Dream have the sweetest bond, and fans can’t help but notice. “Aww, they are so cute,” wrote one follower. “This is so sweet. One day when they’re older, they are gonna love seeing this video of them!” commented another person. “So adorable,” wrote a third fan.

Despite their four-year age difference, King and Dream, whom Chyna welcomed with Rob Kardashian in 2016, really do get along great. “They’re obsessed with each other. Especially Dream, anything that King does, Dream wants to do it,” the mom of two exclusively told Life & Style in December 2019. “If it’s trucks, she wants trucks. If it’s music, she wants to know the songs. She really looks up to King, and he’s actually a really good brother.”

Spending time outdoors is something they both enjoy doing. “I had just recently had gotten King and Dream trucks, and I got Kingy a little four-wheeler and then Dreamy a little pink Mercedes truck,” Chyna shared. “But it’s cute, because he actually just rides her on the back. And it’s so funny, they grab the speaker, they’re jamming outside, and it’s just funny to me.”

Dream Kardashian and King Cairo
Courtesy of Blac Chyna/Instagram

When it comes to how the reality star bonds with her kids, she likes teaching them about the importance of health and eating right. “I’m really big on water, especially King, he’s super into it,” Chyna told Life & Style in January. “Dreamy, not so much. I’m getting her more into it.”

While the brunette beauty is all about taking care of herself now, that wasn’t exactly the case before. “When I was younger, before I had both my babies, I was able to eat whatever I wanted to … I did not care,” she said. “After I had Kingy, I started to be more health-conscious. Then, after Dream, I felt as though I gained so much weight with my babies, I needed to honestly get on my health tip so I could be around for them when they get older and to show them better eating habits.” What a great mama!