Ever since Blac Chyna hooked up with Rob Kardashian and then gave the entire world a front row seat to their drama, there's been one person who's been the most outspoken out of everyone — Blac Chyna's mom, of course. Tokyo Toni, real name Shalana Hunter, is just as outspoken as her daughter, if not more so. The 45-year-old is very protective of her daughter and isn't shy about giving a verbal beatdown to a few haters or two. Her insults are brutal, and sometimes just downright offensive.

Tokyo, who gave birth to Chyna when she was a teen, is a self-confessed "street promoter" and "hustler" who works at the U.S. Postal Service. She also makes movies, is active in several charities, and even offers exotic massages. If you're a man who needs advice, she even posts her cell number on Facebook so that she can spew her "wisdom" to fans directly.

Although she says she's the "opposite" of Kris Jenner, in a 2016 interview she gives props to the famous momager for managing a billion-dollar business. "Kris is a very successful business woman. I respect that about her," she said. "She's a mother, just like me." Sure, it's easy to say both Tokyo and Kris are mama bears who won't let anyone hurt their children, but Tokyo takes it to a whole other level.

When rumors started spreading that the Kardashian sisters didn't like Blac Chyna, Tokyo took to her now-deleted Instagram to express her thoughts on the famous sisters, even going so far as to wish they get AIDS! Like, what? And if you think that sounds really messed up and offensive, you haven't seen anything yet. Tokyo has no limits to her tirades and she'll insult anyone — even cancer patients!

Check out the gallery to see her most savage takedowns. You've been warned.