Often, it feels like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are like an old married couple. They do everything together, and though Blake hasn’t had kids of his own, he already seems like a pro at being a father figure to Gwen’s three boys. However, what has blossomed into the great love of his life started as what would have been a simple rebound, according to Blake.

“I think if Gwen and I were being honest right now, talking about this,” Blake told NBC’s Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, “I think in the back of our mind, that we both kind of thought, this is a rebound deal.”



At the time, Blake and Miranda Lambert had just split, and Gwen had left husband Gavin Rossdale following a cheating scandal. To Blake, that was like some kind of sign, but also not a great way to start a lasting romance. “We’re both coming out of a low spot in our lives, we were clinging to each other to get through this. It’s a miracle that I met somebody that was going through the same exact thing that I was at the exact same moment in time.”

“But, here we are, going on three years later,” he said, now as half of one of Hollywood’s strongest relationships. “And every day that goes by, it just feels like a stronger bond between the two of us.”


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He says “it constantly feels like it’s going to the next level,” between him and Gwen, so it’s only a matter of time until that next level includes a ring and a church! We can’t wait to see what’s next for this adorable duo.