12 Thoughts Blue Ivy Had When She Heard Beyoncé Was Having Twins

When the news of Beyoncé’s pregnancy — with twins, nonetheless — was announced earlier this year, the entire internet freaked out.

Now that the twins, Rumi and Sir, are finally here, fans are obsessed with knowing everything they can about the tiny, new heirs to the Carter empire.

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However, there’s one person who’s probably a little less enthused: big sister Blue Ivy. After all, it must be hard going from single child to suddenly the oldest of three. We bet she’s not happy about having to split that inheritance money either. Don’t get us wrong, there are perks to being the oldest sibling, but welcoming two new ones at five years old can’t be easy.

Here are some thoughts that are probably running through her head right now about the new twins.

Check out the gallery below to see hilarious thoughts Blue Ivy had when she heard about Beyoncé’s pregnancy.