On average, a three-month-old receives around 196 bottles of food per month, and as the months progress, this number increases as your newborn grows. 

Some mothers breast-feed or pump to keep their supply going, trying to provide tirelessly for their baby — hoping they have enough time and milk to support their little one, and if not, often feel guilty.  

However, every year, as the workplace modernizes, the number of women entering the workforce increases. We need to ask ourselves, for the hardworking mother, is breast-feeding exclusively always feasible? And if this isn’t the case, why is using baby formula looked down upon? 

The truth is, no mother should feel embarrassed or ashamed of difficulties with breast-feeding. Instead, they should feel empowered and confident in the choices that are readily and legally available to them. 

bobbie organic formula
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This has many parents illegally importing baby formula from Europe, but this formula is not regulated by the FDA, which can mean quality comes at the expense of guaranteed safety. This is where Bobbie comes in: the organic infant formula that’s making noise in the industry, and for all the right reasons.  

Quality Tested 2000 Times for Each Individual Batch to Ensure a Safe Product

You’re at the grocery store, and you’re looking through the baby formulas provided, and all you see are an array of ingredients that are completely unintelligible to you. “What is this really long word I can’t read, and what does it do for my baby?” shouldn’t be the typical thought process a mother has when shopping for their little one. 

Bobbie clears the air of any ingredient confusion and gives moms the confidence to know exactly what they are feeding their baby.

At Bobbie, the baby formula recipe is backed by clinical evidence, meets FDA nutritional requirements for infant formula, is modeled after breast-milk, and is quality tested 2000 times for each individual batch to ensure a safe product.  

Bobbie also puts their product, manufacturer, and ingredients under a microscope to ensure maximum safety from their facilities to your newborn. Bobbie tracks all products to ensure that their created formula is in prime condition for your child’s consumption. 

They even provide a code tracker so you can follow the journey of your can of Bobbie from manufacturing to your doorstep.  

Health and safety are major priorities for the Bobbie team because the Bobbie team is backed by moms, and as they say, this formula is for their babies, too. 

Try out this formula that was created by and for moms. 

Bobbie Is Fueled by Real Life Stories, Personal Experiences, Years of Research, and Motherly Love to Produce a Product That Will Ensure Your Baby’s Safety During the Vital First Year of Growth

Safety and quality are Bobbie’s promises to your baby because they’re promises the founders make to their children.  

Founders Laura and Sarah created Bobbie because they struggled with the same dilemma in early parenthood: a combination of the time-consuming act of breast-feeding with the looming guilt of switching to formula. 

But these two empowered women decided to break the stigma of baby formula by making their own. 

Bobbie is fueled by real-life stories, personal experiences, years of research, and motherly love to provide a product that will ensure your baby’s safety and vital first year of growth. Bobbie is also backed and advised by a medical affairs team built by a persistent group of pediatricians, scientists, pediatric nutritionists, lactation consultants, and OBGYNs to understand what your baby needs.

Mingle that group with the founders and creators of this formula, and you’ve got a team of parents, medical experts, scientists, farmers, and U.S. manufacturers of over 35 years of experience, backing Bobbie baby formula. Talk about modern-day heroes. 

Mothers Across the Country Now Have a New Organic Option of Infant Formula So They Can Be a Mom at Home, a Woman of the Workforce, and Everything in Between

The key is always in the ingredients, and we’re so thankful a dedicated team like the one behind Bobbie baby formula tried and tested everything, so we didn’t have to! 

Mothers across the country now have a new option of organic infant formula to help support their baby, so they can be a mom at home, a woman of the workforce, and everything in between. 

And the ingredients are from the best and for the best! The non-fat milk in Bobbie is pasture-raised dairy from small family farms across the U.S. that exceeds USDA organic requirements. The cows on these farms graze on an average of forty-two percent more than required to pass this health qualification. 

The lactose and whey in Bobbie, needed for your baby’s daily carbohydrates and protein intake, is sourced from 17 family-owned dairy farms — these cows graze for 312 days in their pastures. Happy cows and happy ingredients for your happy baby.  

A baby is born with a need to be loved, and never outgrows it, so love them all the more with formula from Bobbie. 

Bobbie Is Sourced From the Right Places and Delivers a Breastmilk Alternative That Provides the Safest, Healthiest Ingredients for Your Newborn

Bobbie also sources fats and other ingredients from around the globe to ensure your baby is getting the highest quality nutrition in every sip of their formula.

From a fifth-generation business come the non-GMO, USDA organic, plant-based, and solvent-free oils included in Bobbie for brain development, immune system health, and gentle digestion. 

bobbie organic formula
Courtesy of Bobbie

Here are a few of the many healthy fats and ingredients for your baby’s first precious three hundred and sixty-five days of life: 

Organic coconut, safflower or sunflower and soybean oil — added in Bobbie as an important nutrient your baby needs for a source of essential fats and linoleic acid. 

Mortierella alpina oil — a vegetarian source of ARA (omega 6 fat), which is a non-toxic fungus that supports eye and brain development. 

Schizochytrium oil — also a vegetarian source, these single-cell algae are studied by space scientists and produce DHA, which is an omega-6 fat that also supports eye and brain development. 

There are over forty ingredients in the Bobbie infant formula, and every ingredient has a reason to be there.

After years of studies and clinically tested and proven outcomes, Bobbie is sourced from the right places and delivers on a breast milk alternative that provides the safest and healthiest ingredients for your newborn.

Partnerships With Bobbie Were Created to Provide Infants Around the Country Baby Formula They Would Otherwise Not Receive

There is a responsibility we all share when raising children. As a parent, there is a need to provide, love, care, and nourish our babies from the moment they are brought into this world.  

Bobbie has made this responsibility a reality by creating quality infant formula more affordable and accessible for all with their give-back foundation. In 2021, they are supporting five mastectomy moms with a free year of Bobbie formula for their little ones. Without the ability to breast-feed, these women are excluded from specific healthcare policies, such as financial support for formula or donor milk. 

In the future, the team at Bobbie hopes to change this policy, but for now, they’re starting with a small group of women who need formula for their developing babies

Bobbie also partners with Baby2Baby and Brilliant Detroit. Both partnerships with Bobbie were created to provide underserved infants around the country with baby formula.

Bobbie Is the Breast-Feeding Alternative Formula for Your Baby, and the Company That Is Ready to Listen, So That Your Voice Is Heard

The team at Bobbie is not only creating infant food that is shifting the market into a more formula-conscious mindset, but they’re asking the questions that moms around the country have been asking for years. How can I safely provide food for my newborn? Can I afford food for my newborn? If I can’t breastfeed, where is a healthy alternative?

Bobbie is the breast-feeding alternative formula for your baby and the company that is ready to listen so that your voice is heard.  

bobbie organic formula
Courtesy of Bobbie

From farms and a manufacturer across the U.S., research from doctors and scientists, commitment from the founders, and a board of moms fighting for a formula that supports the real modern-day family comes a new chapter in the book of life.  

Here’s to making quality infant food accessible for our little ones and to putting our heads together so that our children are supported in their growth as developing babies. 

To all the moms who thought using formula was a form of failure, you’re so strong, and you’re doing your best, and your best gets even better with Bobbie.

See what a difference this quality formula can make.