Why are people like this?! It’s bad enough that Bonnie Jo Chapman has to publicly mourn the loss of her mother, Beth Chapman, but now she’s dealing with online haters? Sheesh. That said, it’s clear the resilient 20-year-old has no issue putting these trolls on blast. Case in point: Bonnie took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, July 17, to share a rude, body-shaming message she received. 

“You need to lose some weight and get in shape there, buddy boy,” they began. “Stop getting all stupid f–king tattoos. You look like a f–king mongoloid.” OK, not to get repetitive, but seriously, why are people like this?! Considering Bonnie has been consistently posting about missing her mom — whom she lost to oral cancer on June 26 — you’d think that people would only show her and her family nothing but support. Sigh. 

Bonnie Jo Chapman Instagram Story
Courtesy of Bonnie Jo Chapman/Instagram

Thankfully, a lot of people did share their condolences on Bonnie’s heartbreaking post the day of Beth’s passing. “So thankful to call you my mother. Rest in peace, mom. I love you so much,” she wrote at the time. “Oh, Bonnie, you make me cry. She knows you’re there holding her hand. I can see how proud of you she is from pictures. I think you are a wonderful daughter and she is so grateful for you and for your love. Put her in God’s hands. Hugs,” one user expressed.

“Your mom was such a big part of my childhood. I’ve always admired just how badass she is!! All my love to you and your family,” added another. A third person wrote, Sending love and light and strength!!” while a fourth echoed, “Your mom and family will always be in my prayers.”

As you can see, treating people with kindness isn’t that difficult. Here’s hoping Bonnie doesn’t have to experience anymore trolls for awhile. Hang in there, girl.

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