WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

When Yahya Jabaly was born, doctors didn’t expect him to live very long. After all, the now three-year-old had no eyes or upper jaw, and had a hole where his nose should be — the result of improper development in his mother’s womb.


Unable to speak due to his deformities, Jabaly’s parents, who live in Morocco, have kept him away from neighbors out of fear that his appearance would be too alarming.

After failing to find a surgeon who would operate on him, a Facebook plea caught the attention of Australia resident Fatima Bakara, who contacted Dr. Tony Holmes of Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.


According to Australia’s Channel Seven, Holmes spent months preparing models of Jabaly’s skull so he could perform the extremely risky surgery. “I believe that it’s the right of everybody to look human and this kid doesn’t look human,” he shared.

During a grueling 18-hour operation, doctors were able to fix the toddler’s jaw and build him a new nose. Needless to say, his parents were thrilled with the results.


Jabaly before and after the surgery.

“You could just tell that they were just stunned, and just so happy,” Holmes said. “The risks of the operation were great, but I think they were worth it now that he can have a decent life.”

Two weeks after the surgery, Jabaly is doing much better than expected and even smiled! He will still need further procedures, but for now, “It’s a huge joy, a huge happiness,” his father, Mostafa, said.

Hear more about his incredible transformation below: