Brace yourselves: Bridezillas is coming back! The WE tv show's Season 11 premieres Friday, March 2 at 10 p.m. EST with 10 new hour-long episodes. The show originally premiered on June 1, 2004, and went off the air on Oct. 11, 2013. Since its cancellation, fans have only been able to watch past seasons in syndication. Well, those days are over because the reboot is being labeled "the most outrageous reality show of all time!"

"The series continues to celebrate the craziest, most over-the-top brides wreaking wedding day hell with epic meltdowns, family feuds, and social media wars," WE tv explained about the series. The trailer honestly looks nothing short of terrifying because of the psycho AF brides. Honestly, who is marrying these women!?

"Watching Bridezillas and I just can’t. These b–ches are crazy and WHY would their fiancés want to marry them? I hope it’s scripted haha," one fan tweeted about past episodes of the show. Another added, "Bridezillas stresses me out so I feel like it says a lot about me that I keep subjecting myself to it." No judgment — because it's so entertaining!

It looks like (once again) the brides-to-be will have a "take no prisoner" attitude. All through the new teaser trailer for the show, women are shown screaming, crying, and threatening people. "I will destroy you on social media," one bride says in the clip. Another says, "You agreed that there would be no other bride!!"

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) some of the show might be a tad exaggerated for TV. “They need to entertain viewers,” bride Melissa explained. “True reality isn't entertaining.” We can't disagree — who wants to watch a totally sane bride? That's what Say Yes to the Dress is for. But, when it comes to Bridezillas… bring on the crazy! Is it March yet?!