All brides have their crazy moments, but not every woman on WE tv’s former series Bridezillas are as monstrous as they appear! Two brides from the show have spoken out about the experience, and it’s just more proof that reality TV hardly deserves the name. Scroll down for some behind-the-scenes secrets!

Some brides applied for the show, others were nominated.

The List reports that some Bridezillas actually applied to be on the show, but not Melissa Adams Moore from Season 7 or Porsha Holt from Season 8. Porsha said her mother and sisters signed her up, and Melissa revealed she was nominated by her groom. (It was “a joke,” she clarified.)

The brides underwent psychological testing.

Both Porsha and Melissa recalled undergoing psychological testing before filming began, but producers were actually hoping for some red flags. Porsha said producers were looking for women who were “at least a little bit crazy,” The List reports. (Hey, who isn’t?!)

“Reality” is a relative term.

As with many reality shows, what you see on TV isn't exactly real life. Melissa claimed producers would ask her to do things over again with more drama, and Porsha said she was told to curse more. “They need to entertain viewers,” Melissa explained. “True reality isn't entertaining.”

Some Bridezillas actually enjoy their episodes.

Season 2 bride Julia Swinton-Williamson sued the Bridezilla producers, claiming they misled her about the nature of the show, but Porsha said she and the other brides were contractually obligated to watch prior episodes. In the end, Porsha was “pretty happy” with hers, as was Melissa. “I liked mine,” Melissa said. “It was funny!”

The brides raked in money.

Why would anyone voluntarily appear on a show called Bridezillas? Well, it may be all about the Benjamins. The brides were reimbursed for food and clothing, and were compensated for their time on the show. Additionally, Porsha said she got more money for her subsequent appearances on Marriage Boot Camp, a reunion show, and “Where Are They Now?” segments.

Some of the Bridezillas parlayed their fame into other TV gigs.

Natalie Nunn famously went from Bridezillas to Marriage Bootcamp and Mother/Daughter Experiment, but Melissa and Porsha said they could have cashed in too. Melissa was asked to be on The Bachelor, for example, and Porsha was asked to be on The Biggest Loser. Neither woman said yes, though: Melissa was still married and Porsha was pregnant.