Another baby daddy bites the dust… maybe! It seems that Bristol Palin and her husband of less than two years Dakota Meyer may have split. Sarah Palin‘s daughter hasn’t posted a photo with her military hubby since Christmas, and the couple has also stopped following each other on the social platform.

However, the most damning evidence might be the fact that recent photos of both Bristol and Dakota show that they aren’t wearing their wedding rings anymore. TMZ also reports that the couple is dunzo, and that they are no longer living in the same home! However, there are reportedly no documents filed for divorce yet, so it’s not definite.

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Besides the family holiday photo, the last time Dakota posted a pic with his wife was for her birthday in October, and at the time everything seemed okay. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful, amazing, hardworking, loving, hottest, best golfing woman on the planet,” he wrote. “You are more than I deserve and I appreciate you choosing me @bsmp2 #milf #bff #hotwife #bestgolfer.” Meanwhile, Bristol posted some family photos with him in November.

Things have always been rocky for Bristol and Dakota. In March 2015 Bristol revealed that she was engaged to Dakota, who she had met in 2014 while filming Amazing America. Just two months later, Sarah admitted that her daughter’s wedding had been called off. In June, Bristol announced her second pregnancy, acknowledging that it would come as a disappointment to friends and family. She then had a nasty custody battle with Dakota over the child before shockingly marrying him in June 2016. They second daughter was born on May 8, 2017, and less than a year later it seems like they may be on the rocks. Good luck, guys!