Turns out, Britney Spears isn’t just the Queen of Pop, she’s also the Queen of Fitness! The “Toxic” songstress, 37, took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 2, to share her best diet tips and tricks with fans. “OK, so, I just lost the four pounds I’ve been wanting to lose … but now, these are the fruits and vegetables that I eat to keep it all off,” Britney said in a short clip before sharing a food chart

In addition to the video and chart, Britney wrote, “I have weak eyes and stress and asthma and headaches. So this chart has helped me so much with those problems and my weight!!! Whoop whoop. As Mother of Pearl would say, it works well for children, too.” Of course, we assume you’re curious about Britney noshes on to keep the pounds off.

Well, not to be dramatic, but her diet essentially consists of an entire supermarket produce section. Don’t believe us? Here’s the list: Apples, cucumbers, kale, ginger, celery, carrots, spinach, cabbage, garlic, lemon, beets, pineapples, bananas, strawberries, pomegranate, grapes, pears, watermelon, oranges and cilantro. 

“This list almost every vegetable known to mankind,” one user hilariously commented on Britney’s post. “We stan a vegetable legend,” added another. You would think with all of Britney’s generous advice, that haters would leave her alone … unfortunately, that was hardly the case. Believe it or not, a lot of people seemed to have a problem with her eyeliner. Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up.

“Britney, please don’t use anymore of that emo eyeliner. You look tired,” one troll commented. “Can someone take her eyeliner away, ASAP?” a second person chimed in. Ummm, Britney can keep her eyeliner, thank you very much. Keep slaying like the fruit and veggie goddess that you are, girl!

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