As 40-60 mph wind gusts and devastating wild fires sweep southern California, many people are worried about the animals: pets left behind, or wild animals fleeing the flames. Caitlyn Jenner experienced that horror with her own Labrador pup Bertha on Dec. 6 after the roof was blown off of her Malibu home and the pooch went missing!

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A new member of my family- Bertha, two months old.

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According to Deadline, Caitlyn went out to dinner on Wednesday night, and when she returned there was no longer a roof on her home! Chunks of the structure were scattered across her lawn and even in the pool, but that quickly became the least of her worries when she realized her beloved dog was missing. Since all of the doors and windows were closed, Bertha must have gotten sucked out of the hole left in the roof!

Caitlyn looked everywhere but couldn't find the hound, so she was forced to abandon her search and go stay with family for the night. The next morning, she went back with her son to try to look for Bertha under the rubble, fearing that the worst had happened.

But don't worry, this is a happy story! When a crew showed up to move the roof away, one of the workers said he saw a dog down the road, so Cait took off running. That's when she found poor little Bertha, covered in mud but completely safe. Yay!

Caitlyn is clearly totally obsessed with her dog, who appears in most of her Instagram posts since she got Bertha as a puppy in June. The who take hikes together, lounge by the pool together, and even hang out with Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner together. We're so glad she turned up safe!