We know that “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli has A LOT of opinions — and she just exclusively told Life & Style what she thinks of some of today’s craziest news stories! The viral sensation was asked to weigh in on a variety of topics, from Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna‘s relationship drama to Mama June‘s daughter Pumpkin announcing her pregnancy — and we must say, we were not expecting her response. Watch the video below to find out what she said!

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Danielle previously revealed to Life & Style that she wasn’t exactly a fan of the sock mogul exposing his ex-fiancée and baby mama by posting her nudes on social media. At the time, the Dr. Phil guest star said, “Rob is apparently deep in his feelings and posting all this s–t on social media. Rob, you look like a b—h. Stop that s–t. F–k that h–.”

And she didn’t stop there! “We get it, your feelings were hurt,” Danielle continued. “Go get a tub of ice cream, go put on some Orange Is the New Black, go listen to some cry-baby a– music, and cry about it. That’s what you gotta do.” It sounds like pretty solid advice, especially considering she believes he’ll be in jail soon!

“Little do you know, being a cry-baby a– b—h, you about to spend a long time in cold jail,” the teen quipped. “I have 15 lawyers and I spoke to some of them and they said, ‘Rob will be facing 55 million years in federal prison for posting Blac Chyna’s nudes’ because apparently, California has a law. Rob, you are going to jail.”

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