One thing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans can’t forget — moreso than the drama, the diamonds or the dogs — is Cedric Martinez, the “permanent houseguest” and former friend of Lisa Vanderpump. The French native was a main fixture early on in the show due to his closeness with the English entrepreneur … but that relationship soured and ended by the time season 1 came to a close.

So, what happened to Cedric, 44, after his fallout with LVP? Well, the chemistry-student-turned-model dished about his fallout with the 58-year-old and her husband on Kate Casey’s “Reality Life” podcast back in 2017, but since then, he’s been a relatively quiet presence in the world. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t created a new life for himself.

Cedric Martinez Lisa Vanderpump
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Where does Cedric live now?

According to the former reality star’s Instagram, it seems as though he’s taken up residence in Palma, Spain, a.k.a. the capital of Mallorca. Between his IG bio that reads “In Spanish paradise,” and his countless photos hashtagged “#palmalife,” the former L.A. resident clearly leveled up his locale. Plus, all of his local food pics look amazing.

Who is Cedric dating?

If you remember some of the early drama about LVP’s former confidant, then you probably remember his short-lived relationship with Lance Bass. Though that relationship is dead and buried, it doesn’t seem like Cedric is interested in getting back into the dating scene. According to an Instagram post from May 19 with the hashtags “#singlelife” and “#treatmyself,” among others, it seems like he’s pretty happy going solo for now.

He does have a seriously adorable kitten, a sweet bird and a delicate little bunny though, so he’s not totally alone. Each of his animals get starring roles on his Instagram feed.

What does Cedric do for work?

Though his official occupation remains a mystery, the RHOBH alum did pen a book about his life that you can buy — only if you have an Amazon Kindle, though. The 2016 memoir titled The Real Permanent Houseguest of Beverly Hills has no reviews on the site but boasts an ambitious 414 page count.

Cedric Martinez
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OK, for real. What happened with Cedric and Lisa?

When Cedric appeared on the “Reality Life” podcast in 2017, he didn’t hesitate to dish about exactly how he came to be on the show … and why his departure followed so quickly.

On the podcast, he revealed that he had known Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, for almost a decade before he moved to L.A. to help them open Villa Blanca in 2009. At the same time, Lisa quietly auditioned for RHOBH and mentioned having a “gay houseguest,” which got producers interested.

“So she got a callback and they insisted that we do the audition together at the house,” Cedric explained, but believe it or not, LVP didn’t hear back from Bravo until a year later. According to the model, he and his former friend weren’t on good terms when they called — so she told them a “little white lie” and said Cedric still lived with her and her husband. From there, Lisa called Cedric to “[apologize] in her way” in an effort to convince him to move back in and be on the show, to which he agreed.

Though they had reconciled, their friendship hit the point of no return when Cedric broke up with Lance after he caught the former ‘NSync star cheating.

Cedric dished on the show that Lisa wanted him and Lance to stay together, claiming that Lisa thought the relationship would result in good publicity for Villa Blanca. “I understand her thinking process because she has made a lot of sacrifices in her life and she chose a certain path over something else,” he explained. “And I wasn’t willing to do this.”

Against her wishes, the handsome hunk started dating another Villa Blanca employee. Naturally, Lisa wasn’t having that, but instead of breaking up with his new beau like she wanted, Cedric moved out of her house.