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Gwen Stefani, Kylie Jenner, and More Celebrities’ Craziest Eyebrow Transformations

Do you remember when really thin eyebrows were popular? Then, thanks to perhaps Cara Delevingne, the world began embracing thick, more natural-looking brows. Thus began the mind-blowing transformations.

Stars like Gwen Stefani and Kourtney Kardashian are known for their thick eyebrows now, but rewind back to the early 2000s and it was a totally different story. The No Doubt singer literally drew her brows on with a pencil (no, really) and Kourtney’s looked like diagonal lines above her eyes. Oh how times have changed.

Now, celebrities let their eyebrows grow out, which has definitely added time to their beauty routines. Gone are the days of drawing a single line above your eye to fill in what’s there. Now, a strong brow game takes serious dedication.

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Kylie Jenner uses four beauty products every day to achieve her bold and flawless brows. In a series of Snapchat videos, the 19-year-old walked her fans through her routine and started off by filling in her brows with liner, then she outlined them with concealer to really define the shape. Afterwards, she took a loose setting powder and baked them (i.e. put a bunch of powder on her brows, let it sit, then removed the excess with a brush), and finally she set them with clear brow gel. And that’s just her eyebrows — anyone else feel exhausted just imaging it?

Check out the gallery to see stars whose eyebrows have seriously evolved over time.