In with the new! Chanel West Coast is all about changing up her look. The Ridiculousness star took to her Instagram Story on Thursday, September 12, to show off some blue tresses. It’s unknown whether she’s rockin’ a wig or if she really dyed her hair. Regardless, she looks fab.

In the selfie she shared, the 31-year-old is matching her hair to her outfit and nails. Her snapback and graphic T-shirt are green, while her nails are a combo of green and blue. The reality star accessorized with gold jewelry and black oversized sunglasses. So stylish!

Chanel West Coast Rockin' Blue Hair in a Snapback
Courtesy of Chanel West Coast/Instagram

As of late, Chanel likes to experiment with her locks every few weeks. On August 20, she showed off a hairdo that featured safety pins in an almost braid-like form. She first debuted the unique look in an Instagram Story video. “Honestly, I’ve been trying to avoid filters, but they just complete me. They complete me!” she said at the time. “Love the new little braid with the safety pin. Super cute. Just pay attention. You’re going to see every girl doing it now that you know Chanel West Coast did it.” The clip was followed by a mirror selfie that gave a clearer look of the ‘do. The length of her hair went past below her waist. So edgy and cute!

When she’s not experimenting with her look, you can find Chanel working out at the gym or making music in the studio. Besides being an MTV reality star, Chanel is focused on her career as a musician and recently teased a new project. In addition, she revealed she would love to work with Rick Ross. “I need to get you on a song!” she told him while backstage of the Ridiculousness set in August. “I’m ready. I’m waiting on you,” he told her as seen in an Instagram Story she shared. This may be the collab we never knew we needed!