Things are heating up between Channing Tatum and Jessie J. Back in early October, the two were spotted playing mini golf in Seattle and their relationship has been progressing very quickly since then. From concerts to gush-worthy Instagram posts, these two are definitely smitten with each other and they don’t care who knows. Recently, the two were spotted slow dancing to Ed Sheeran and they looked very happy together.

As reported by Radar, the couple was caught on camera swaying in the dark during a Magic Mike Live event in London. “They’re having fun together,” a source told Radar. This was the first time the two have been captured on video and it looks like they’re having a great time.

Although the two have kept their relationship pretty low-key and are seldom photographed together, they have not been shy about sharing their romance on social media. The singer took to Instagram to congratulate her new beau about the premiere of Magic Mike Live. She posted a photo of the stage with the caption, “Magic Mike Live London opening night. Congratulations, [Channing Tatum]. What a show… ladies and gentlemen, you don’t want to miss this.” She paired the post with a slew of suggestive emojis, including an eggplant and tongue sticking out.

Jessie J Magic Mike London

A few days later, Channing took to Instagram to gush over Jessie’s concert. He posted, “This woman just poured her heart out on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Whoever was there got to witness something special. Wow.” Besides an amazing musical performance, Jessie also used the stage to share that she is unable to get pregnant.

She gave her fans a further explanation about her struggle with infertility. “After explaining the meaning of my song ‘Four Letter Word’ onstage during this tour. The love and support I have received has been overwhelming. Thank you,” the singer said on Instagram. “I was told [four] years ago I won’t be able to have children. I was also told I would need a hysterectomy immediately and to be put on medication. I refused the hysterectomy, I’m off all medication through natural medicine and diet change.” Keep slaying, Jessie.

It looks like Channing is really into Jessie’s transparency and openness, and she obviously feels the same way about him. Good luck, you two!

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