Charmed may have aired its final episode almost 12 years ago now, but we're still totally obsessed with the show and its cast. And those love interests the Halliwell sisters had! If we're not doing anything, you can regularly find us on Netflix rewatching our favorite episodes — and reliving our favorite supernatural romances. Whether your heart is with Whitelighter Leo, Inspector Andy, or Cupid Coop, all the guys were totally crush-worthy. But during our latest binge, we couldn't help wonder what the guys are up to now, so we decided to check in. Watch the video above to see what the Charmed love interests are up to today.

Though Leo and Piper may not have found love IRL together, they did stay close over the years. And TBH, Brian Krause and Holly Marie Combs' real-life friendship gives us life. Not only do they regularly hang out at conventions for mini Charmed reunions, they're also constantly chatting on Twitter, bantering in that way only old friends can. Every time we see one of them mention the other, our hearts grow about three sizes, especially when it's a message like this.

But whether they're being silly or heartfelt, the love that the cast has for each other is just freakin' adorable. We hate to be cheesy (okay, we actually love it), but there was definitely magic in the air while they were working on that show. With the Charmed reboot coming up and the news of who's playing the three sisters, we can't wait to find out who the new romantic leads will be. The truth is, though, they have a lot to measure up to when it comes to the original characters' love stories. Leo and Piper had a forever love — and there's not a lot that can rival that. Don't believe us? Just watch Charmed one more time to see all the obstacles that were never quite able to fully come between them. Yeah, now that's the real deal.