On Dec. 10, Chrissy Teigen posted an Instagram photo of her dad, Ron Teigen Sr., with a new tattoo. However, this wasn’t any ordinary ink. Chrissy’s papa got a tattoo of the model’s face on his arm. Talk about unconditional love!

So, how did Ron come up with this birthday present? “What do you do for a daughter who has everything, and does everything for you? So, what do you give her? You give her something she can’t do for herself and can’t get for herself,” Ron exclusively told Life & Style.

The cookbook author captioned her photo, “My dad got a tattoo of me for my birthday. By the incredible @markmahoney_ssc.” The 33-year-old was “very emotional” upon learning about the design, but of course she “absolutely loves it!”

While it was a surprise to her 21.3M followers, it was also a shock to Chrissy too. “It was a very big surprise. I don’t know what her exact emotions were at the time because she was in New York and found out about it by text. She didn’t see until she got back on Sunday,” Ron admitted. “So, she saw a longshot of it that was taken at the tattoo parlor, but yes, she loved it.” I mean, how could she not?

One of her fans commented on the post, writing, “Father/Daughter goals,” while another echoed, “Now THAT is a ride or die.” One fan hilariously said, “I can’t even get my dad to remember my birthday.” LOL, same.

Fans have gotten to know Chrissy’s mom, Vilailuck, really well via social media, while Ron has stayed out of the spotlight the past few years. Well, we’re so happy we’re finally getting to know him now.

There is still one mystery that has yet to be solved, though. Chrissy has a sister named Tina, so will Ron be getting a tattoo of her on his other arm? Right now, he said, “That’s a secret!” Welp, only time will tell.