Ouch! That look like it hurt. At the same time, though, we can’t stop laughing, because Chrissy Teigen just posted a hilarious video of herself trying to sit in a chair, failing, and falling over onto the ground. Our fave Twitter queen never fails to get some LOLs from us, and this time she did it again — and at her own expense. While filming some kind of video with BuzzFeed, Chrissy stomped into the room in a Miranda Priestly-style fit of divaness, but didn’t quite pull off the execution when it came to huffily plopping into her chair. Lucky for us, she was more than happy to share the blooper online. Watch the hilarious video above to check it out. 

WTF went wrong there? Did Chrissy miss the chair and hit the edge, sending them both toppling? Did she get unlucky and pick a defective chair for her stunt? “Get some new chairs @buzzfeed!!!!!” she tweeted, but it just leaves us with more questions than answers. We don’t know where things went wrong, but it also doesn’t super matter, because we just can’t stop watching it over and over and over. Everyone on the internet is loving it and chiming in with the best responses. “I just lost my breath!! We almost lost a national treasure!!!” joked one follower. 

Luckily, it seems like the model/mom/activist/author/etc is doing okay. Although, uh, maybe not so much since it seems like she also spent last night sleeping in her infant son’s crib. Uh, what? Yeah, Chrissy tweeted that she “just woke up in the crib,” and then she even shared some photographic proof just in case we didn’t believe her. And there she is, all curled up in Miles’ crib (well, we assume it’s Miles’s crib — Luna’s probably moved onto big girls beds by now, right?). 

It’s just more in a string of bad luck for Chrissy, who also recently revealed that she’s been letting pretty much everyone mispronounce her name for pretty much her whole life. Because yeah, it’s not actually Tee-gen. It’s Tie-gen. We know — we were shook, too. And the worst part is that we’ve almost brainwashed her into saying it our way. 

“But wait…when you say it YOU say tee-gen!” said one fan on Twitter, and Chrissy responded, “I know. I even correct people when they say it correctly. It’s all v effed up.” But she even got her mom to confirm the correct pronounciation — and now we’re just doing our best to burn it into our brains so we can start calling her by her actual name. 

Hopefully things are getting back on the right track, though, with the release of Chrissy’s new book. Cravings: Hungry for More just hit the shelves, and you already know that our copy has been ordered and is on the way. When it comes to the star’s favorite recipes, “hungry for more” sounds just about right.