The public has spoken. After Chrissy Teigen ran a Twitter poll asking people if they wanted to see a photo of her hives, the social media queen delivered.

First, the 33-year-old informed her followers that she has the rash on her booty and asked if they wanted to see it. “I have hives on my butt. Do you want to see it? It’s gross,” she wrote on Twitter on Monday, Jan. 7. So far, 67 percent voted yes, while the remaining 33 percent voted “No please God.” This inspired the cookbook author to come up with a second poll.

Just an hour later, Chrissy offered another option: thigh hives. “Okay enough people do not want to see my butt, so I will spare you butt hives. What about my thigh hives? Very similar and includes fun stretchies,” she tweeted. TBH, we love how proud she is of showing off her rash and stretch marks — as she should be!

Thanks to the 83 percent of people who voted “yes, thighs ok,” the mom-of-two finally shared a photo of her condition and she did not disappoint. We’re not completely sure why she decided to run this poll in the first place, but it’s Chrissy — she’s random and we love her for it. Plus, it was entertaining AF.

She couldn’t give up on the booty hives quite yet, though! After tweeting the photo, she wrote, “We still sure about the butt?” Based on the number of votes, yes, we’re sure LOL. On a serious note, we hope Chrissy’s hives go away soon! It’s never fun having itchy, red spots, especially while on vacation.

As of late, Chrissy has been posting family photos with her hubby, John Legend, and their two kids, Luna and Miles, at a tropical destination, which is where she most likely caught the rash. At least she has beautiful views to distract her!