There’s nothing like a pampering session to unwind! Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram on Memorial Day to document her daughter, Luna Stephens, getting a mani/pedi, and it is too adorable.

The 3-year-old opted for a pretty red color, which is perfect for the summer. She may be young, but she has very good taste! While Luna was relaxing, her mama, 33, was recovering from an epic fall down the stairs.

“I finally fell down my stairs yesterday. Can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner,” she tweeted on May 25 before sharing videos of her bruises. The following day, she used her injury to poke fun at herself and jokingly compared it to what her husband John Legend is up to in the meantime. “I fell down a flight of stairs the same day that lady fell off the cliff and all John did was leave to Aruba,” she tweeted on May 26.

We hope Chrissy feels better soon! On the bright side, she’s not taking the fall too seriously. Instead, she’s updating her fans. “An update: I look like a forensics file cadaver?” she tweeted, attaching a photo of her bruised leg.

Meanwhile, John is busy in Aruba for the Soul Beach Music Festival, which came days after his first victory as a judge on The Voice. “#TeamLegend for the win! Thank you @MaelynMusic for choosing me as your coach!” he began his caption for an Instagram post. “It has been such a joy working with you. Thanks to everyone who voted for her, streamed her music and supported us in any way! We couldn’t have done it without you!” he added.

The finale for the singing competition show was on May 21, and unfortunately, Chrissy spoiled the outcome for some fans who hadn’t watched yet. “Truly sorry for spoiling The Voice tonight,” she began her tweet. “I thought that since the official account tweeted it, it would be okay. But now I realize it wasn’t and will make sure that when my husband wins something with someone, I will wait for each state and every country before being excited.” We forgive you, girl!