Keeping it real! Christina Anstead took to Instagram on Wednesday, January 15, to get candid about how the new year has been going for her, and it turns out, it’s been a little rough.

“Is anyone else kind of having a weird start to 2020?” the 36-year-old said in the clip. “I was super excited for it, and I feel like things have been a little bit hard. I don’t know.” She also added a poll, in which she asked followers to vote on whether or not 2020 has been “so far, so good.”

Christina never seems to shy away from keeping fans in the loop. The Christina on the Coast star had her hands full with two kids — 9-year-old Taylor and 4-year-old Brayden — whom she had with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. Her life got even more busy in September when she welcomed newborn, Hudson, whom she shares with husband Ant Anstead.

Christina began doing too much at once and warned other moms about the consequences. “Well … I’m a moron,” the blonde beauty wrote on IG at the time. “I felt totally fine since one week postpartum — like zero pain — but I was resting and taking it easy … and then I threw Tay a B-day party and was lifting and running around all weekend … And yesterday I woke up like, ‘Oh crap.’ … And today, ‘Oh crap,’ turned into, ‘Oh s–t. I definitely hurt myself.'”

Christina Anstead's Kids
Courtesy of Christina Anstead/ Instagram

She continued, “It’s not the C-section incision area that hurts. It’s my left abdomen, and it hurts bad. ;/ So please, [to] anyone who just had a baby: Don’t overdo it. I always want to be the people pleaser in the family and make sure everyone knows how much I care about them, but in doing so I wasn’t taking care of myself. Back to bed rest and baby cuddles. 💙”

Thankfully, parenting is made easy thanks to Tarek, who often hangs with the kids. When asked about how he makes it work with Christina, he said they always prioritize the children. “Really, there’s only one tip that people need to remember: The kids are first,” he exclusively told Life & Style in September. “Like, that’s it, you know?” That’s the motto!