Oh, no! It seems like Christina Anstead is going to need a little extra time to recover after her C-section in early September. Though she thought she was healing well after the birth of her third child, the Flip or Flop star revealed in a Tuesday, September 24, Instagram post that she pushed herself a little too hard over the weekend. After reuniting with her ex to throw their daughter, Taylor, a birthday party, the mom of three discovered that she had hurt herself during the celebrations.

“Well … I’m a moron,” Christina, 36, told fans on the social media site. “I felt totally fine since one week postpartum — like zero pain — but I was resting and taking it easy … and then I threw Tay a B-day party and was lifting and running around all weekend … And yesterday I woke up like, ‘Oh crap.’ … And today, ‘Oh crap,’ turned into, ‘Oh s–t. I definitely hurt myself.'”

“It’s not the C-section incision area that hurts,” she revealed. “It’s my left abdomen, and it hurts bad. ;/ So please, [to] anyone who just had a baby: Don’t overdo it. I always want to be the people pleaser in the family and make sure everyone knows how much I care about them, but in doing so I wasn’t taking care of myself. Back to bed rest and baby cuddles. 💙”

Fans were quick to share their love and well wishes with the reality TV mama in the comments. “I thought you might be doing too much. Take it easy and rest,” advised one. Another weighed in, “[It] used to be [that] we got bed rest for months after giving birth. But I get it. [You] don’t want the other kids to feel less, so you extend yourself. Feel better.” More continued to add that they had “been there and done that,” encouraging the star not to “feel guilty about resting and recuperating.”

Luckily, it seems like Christina is happy to do just that. Though she and new husband Ant Anstead may have looked like zombies after welcoming their newest addition (at least according to Taylor), they took the time they needed to get back on their feet. Almost two weeks after giving birth, they revealed that they’d finally made it outside for their first walk with the stroller, revealing that it was a success as Ant teased that, actually, a stroller is called a “pram.” Here’s hoping these two keep taking care of each other and that Christina makes a speedy recovery soon.