While Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa may no longer be an item, the exes not only have a great relationship with each other, but also with each other’s family. The mom of three revealed she still stays in touch with her ex-husband’s relatives.

“It’s been three and a half years since we separated, so it’s gotten a lot easier,” the 36-year-old told Us Weekly. “Tarek and I still work together, obviously. And I’m still really close with his family. We just always put the kids first.”

Tarek El Moussa, Christina Anstead, and Their Kids
Courtesy of Tarek El Moussa/Instagram


It’s true! Most recently, the Flip or Flop stars attended their daughter Taylor’s school play together along with their relatives to show the 9-year-old support. “Tay’s Christmas performance was sooo cute!” the blonde beauty wrote on Instagram December 10. “Glad my dad got to come too. We all sat together — my family and Tarek’s family. A couple people acknowledged how nice this is — I know there are a lot of divorced couples (including Tarek’s mom and dad) who do this too and it’s honestly easier for everyone. Plus, Taylor’s face lights up when she sees us all in the same row supporting her.”

Just like Christina, when it comes to coparenting, Tarek believes it’s all about the children. “Really, there’s only one tip that people need to remember: The kids are first. Like, that’s it, you know?” the father of two exclusively told Life & Style in September. “If you remember to always put the kids first, the rest falls into place.” Clearly, it’s important to be on the same page. No wonder these two make it work!

It’s very important for Tarek that his kids are happy, which is why it was crucial that his kids established a strong relationship with his girlfriend, Heather Rae Young, whom he introduced to the family in August.

“I started the conversation first with my daughter, Taylor, because she is older than my son, Brayden,” he divulged to Today Parents recently.

He continued, “After getting the initial conversation started, I would also show the kids photos and videos of me and Heather Rae laughing, being silly and hanging out, and that made them laugh and be able to put a face to her name. I tried to make it fun which made for an easy in-person introduction later on.”

It all worked out in the end!