Bun in the oven! Big Brother star Christmas Abbott is pregnant with her first baby. The reality star shared the exciting news on Instagram alongside the baby's father, Benjamin Bunn, on Monday, March 5.

"Well, I've always expected the unexpected in my life and this year is no different! In January I discovered I am actually EXPECTING and a whole new life would be laid out before me," she captioned the post. "After a challenging 2017 year, it is turning out that 2018 is the best year of my life to date. I have my health, family, friends, passion, and a new addition to my tribe. Ben & I couldn’t be happier with this news and are over the moon excited about this wild, new journey."


Christmas is currently nine weeks along and revealed that their baby is already incredibly active. "We were so relieved to see the baby healthy and strong," she continued. "After I saw the heart beating I couldn’t stop crying for most of the remaining day. It was intense. I’m excited to share my experience in this process as much as I feel comfortable."

Ben also shared his excitement about the pregnancy on social media. "We might not have planned this journey, but I know she’s going to make a tremendous mother and I'm so happy to have her support, strength and steadfast dedication to our child," he admitted. "I've almost died A BUNCH of times, but have never been so terrified, relieved and elated as when the Doctor stared me in the face and told me a healthy child was on the way."

Fans were quick to congratulate the couple on their news. "Oh my goodness I’m so happy for you. You’re going to be such a sweet mom," one follower wrote. Another added, "Today is one big happy day! Everyone I'm my family is so happy for you we watched you on bb and we always supported you. Can't wait to share as much as you want with us." Christmas came in third on Season 19 of Big Brother in 2017, so we're sure her baby will have the same star-quality genes. We can't wait to meet their little one!