We learned a lot from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly during their 10-year run on What Not To Wear, like how to add pizzazz to an outfit with chunky necklaces, that a pop of color is totally necessary, and that wrap dresses are a girl's best friend. However, the most important thing they taught us was about friendship. That is, until we found out they basically hate each other on Nov. 15.

We learned that Stacy and Clinton are no longer besties when Clinton tweeted out a screenshot showing that he was blocked by Stacy on Twitter, with the caption "Alllll righty then." When fans started freaking out and begging for details, Clinton wrote "the tea is old. And I never spill tea unless I’m shook, which I’m not ?," which leads us to believe that something bad must have gone down between them a while ago, and he's just now noticing that she blocked him.


A fan noticed that he wasn't even following Stacy, which begged the question "Why would you care? #stopthedrama #youstartedthis." Clearly this hit a nerve, with Clinton clapping back saying "Stfu someone tagged us in the same tweet, I don’t need attention. Thought it was hilarious. Bye basic random chick." Zing!

The tweet that he's referring to was by another fan mocking the duo's retro outfits on an old WNTW episode, saying "I’m confused. Are you supposed to be telling other people what not to wear by wearing those items first?" Clinton took offense, saying "I’m confused too. You seem to think I give a crap about your opinion of something I wore a decade ago." That's when he must have noticed that Stacy blocked him. She answered the tweet, too, writing "There is a good argument for that judging by my top, so maybe, Sir. Maybe."


Stacy made it clear that she's not looking for drama on her Twitter profile, writing "Style and Substance. DON'T HATE, DON'T FOLLOW." We hope these two make up soon because this may be the worst breakup of 2017 so far!