Better late than never! High School Musical star Corbin Bleu married fellow actress Sasha Clements last July, but with their busy schedules they had to keep postponing their honeymoon.

When they finally got away — a year later! — in late August, they made it count with a trip to Sandals Resorts Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island in Montego Bay, Jamaica, staying in an over-the-water private island bungalow. “We turned off our phones, no work, just sleeping, sunbathing in paradise and drinking each other in,” Corbin tells Life & Style, sharing some exclusive photos.

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“We did a few activities, but we wanted to make this trip more about spending relaxation time together,” he says. Corbin, 28, romanced Sasha, 27, with candlelit dinners, rose petals, and chocolate and they also indulged at the property’s luxurious Red Lane Spa.

After 13 months of marriage, Corbin and Sasha are still in the honeymoon phase in every sense. “We’re spouses, lovers and soul mates,” he says, “but the best part is we really are each other’s best friends. It’s just great for us to be able to say, ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband.’” Corbin and Sasha couldn’t stop smiling on their honeymoon in Jamaica. “This was the long getaway we’d been waiting for,” he adds.

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