‘Tis the season, which means candy, cookies, eggnog, spiked hot chocolate and more! While these holiday goodies might not be great for our stomachs, YouTube couple Daniel and Kelli Segars — a.k.a. FitnessBlender — have the most amazing tips on how to stay in shape this very merry time of year. “Holidays add the extra challenge of a busy schedule and lots of delicious foods all around,” the couple told Life & Style exclusively. “It can be challenging, but with balance, a person can definitely get in shape — you just need to plan ahead to overcome those hurdles.”

So, before you stock up at the buffet, think of these suggestions. “Getting rid of diet ‘rules’ can help end food anxiety and minimize the likelihood of overeating,” they revealed. “One of the fastest ways to make something appealing to someone is to tell them they can’t have it. While there are foods that are definitely better choices than others, rules about ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ foods can be a slippery slope. Being mindful can help. Really taste the food as you eat — stay in the moment, enjoy it.”

Daniel and Kelli Segar in a Selfie
Courtesy of FitnessBlender/Instagram

Additionally, Daniel and Kelli encourage people to “fill up on healthier food options” so it’s less tempting to nosh on junk food at a party. “Make sure that you keep up regular meals and/or snacks through the holidays, as food choices tend to get less and less healthy when you’re making those decisions on an empty stomach,” they added. “Make sure you’re drinking enough water as well — staying properly hydrated is one of the best ways to end empty snacking.”

In terms of working out, the pair — who has 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube — want to make it clear that results don’t happen overnight. “Don’t do anything drastic,” the couple advised. “Set reasonable goals — one that you can stick to. 30 minutes of smart training four to five times a week can be far more impactful than hours and hours on a piece of gym equipment. Be prepared to adapt healthy habits and keep them. The hard truth is that this has to be a lifestyle change in order for results to stick.”

Of course, it’s not always easy to move your body when the temperatures go below 50 degrees, but the couple doesn’t forget how good they feel after they sweat it out. “We feel amazing, maybe not during, but always afterward,” they said. “We have more energy, we’re in a better mood, we think more clearly and calmly. We feel better about ourselves and accomplished.”

Even if you’re pressed for time, the social media stars revealed “a quick 10-minute workout of bodyweight moves can be done anywhere, anytime.” They added, “We — FitnessBlender.com — offer 600 free workout videos that you can search by length, equipment, difficulty, training type and more. People have done our workout videos in hotels around the world!”

Daniel and Kelli Segars in a Selfie
Courtesy of Kelli Segars/Instagram

Sounds like a perfect plan! Now, go on and enjoy some chocolate.