Fatherhood looks good on you, David Burtka! The actor couldn’t help but gush about life with his two tots exclusively to Life & Style on April 16. So, what are some lessons that David has taken away from being a dad?

“I think for me becoming a father, I think it was so interesting that I always felt like I had to fit into a box, and I always had to be someone that I was not necessarily who I was supposed to be,” he revealed. “I think the kids — watching the kids grow up as individuals and letting them be who they are meant to be and letting them be who they truly are taught me to embrace who I am and to be grateful for what life has given me.”

The 43-year-old shares 8-year-old twins — daughter Harper Grace Burtka-Harris and son Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris — with his hubby, Neil Patrick Harris. When the duo isn’t working, they like to explore and keep busy. “We are more in New York, [so] we try to soak in as much as this city has to offer,” he confessed. “I mean, we don’t stop, and our kids don’t stop, either. Every once in a while, it’s nice to stay home and watch a movie and just chill out, but we really try to take all the opportunities this city has to offer — whether it’s restaurants or museums or new art galleries or Broadway shows. We really try to soak up the culture as much as possible.”

Recently, the Michigan native launched a cookbook called Life Is a Party: Deliciously Doable Recipes to Make Every Day a Celebration, and it immediately jumped to the top of the best sellers list. So, since the Kentucky Derby is coming up on Saturday, May 4, the actor has some ideas as to how to throw the best fiesta.

“You can a make a small pulled pork sandwich or chicken tenders,” he explained. “I have some recipes coming out for the Derby which is a mini hot brown and of course, you have to have a mint julep to wash it all down, for sure.”

Oh, and of course, David has plenty of ideas for entertaining the guests. “The Kentucky Derby is known for the most amazing horse names, and I came up with a game where you have — it’s like a truth or a lie. You can come up with two real horses’ names, look up Derby horses — some of the most outlandish names — and then you come up with a fake one. Then, people have to decide which one is the real one and which one is the lie.”

He added, “Neil came up with a really fun game where it’s either — is it a horse name or is it a drag queen’s name?” OK, count us in!

Even though David loves to host and cook for people, the professional chef cherishes time with his family. “You know, that is part of what the book is about, you know, celebrating everyday as if it is a party, not taking life for granted and really enjoying what the world gives you and making the best of what life is.”

Are these two #FamilyGoals or what?!