Straight from the shark’s mouth! Shark Tank star Daymond John stopped by reddit on Jan. 22 to talk about his new book Rise and Grind, give his best business advice, and answer all of your burning questions about the hit ABC show. “I’m entrepreneur Daymond John,” he introduced himself. “I’m a Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, a Pisces, a Hot Sauce connoisseur, and an animal advocate. Today I’m talking about how you can RISE AND GRIND. Ask me anything!” Read on to see his most interesting answers!

Shark Tank has a whirlwind filming schedule.

Believe it or not, the sharks shoot for just one month a year (which makes sense, these are big shot investors after all!) “[We film] two weeks in June and two weeks in September,” said Daymond, also revealing that they see “100 [pitches] during each block.” Knowing that, it seems crazy how much money they must spend on investing during each two-week period!

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The sharks might bicker, but they all love each other.

When one fan asked if Kevin O’Leary (AKA Mr. Wonderful) was really a “d–k” or if he was just acting for the show, Daymond simply replied “LOL!” which some fans took as a confirmation that he is. However, Daymond later admitted that he’s actually quite fond of his fellow sharks, and they get along great.

“We are like a family that fights. But we are still a family,” he said, joking, “but if we go outside to play football, I am gonna crack your head open.” When another fan asked about rumors that some sharks won’t sit next to each other, Daymond said that was “total BS.”

Yes, Mark Cuban really goes go commando!

On a recent episode, Mark joked about not wearing underwear. When asked about it, Daymond said “He is not lying. What do you think about it is the real question…” We think it’s hilarious!

This is what a millionaire’s day looks like.

“I wake up. I don’t read emails right away. It’s a mindset of offense vs defense. Replying to emails starts your day on defense, forced to problem solve for others,” said Daymond. “I send out emails and start my day on offense. Then I work out and get the hard part done so I can be fresh and adrenalized for the day. The book speaks to that. What are people’s methods in their first 90 mins and last 90 mins of the day.” Okay, we need to get that book!

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