Hot mama alert!

Debra Messing has revealed she lost an impressive 20 pounds over the past couple of years — and it's all because of clean eating.

"About two to three years ago, I made a very, very big change the way I approach nutrition," she said in a new interview. "I think it made a big difference in how I look or at least how I'm perceived to look."

The Will & Grace icon, 45, went on to explain weight loss wasn't her goal — she just wanted to concentrate on fueling herself with healthier foods.

"I lost like 20 pounds, it wasn't my intention, that wasn't why I made the change. I made the change because I was just tired all the time," she shared. "For a long time, I just accepted that was the plight of a working, single mother. You're juggling everyday."

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The bombshell admitted to growing up eating "crappy foods," and decided it was time to ax her unhealthy ways.

debra messing

Debra poses with her Will & Grace family on set

"I grew up on fast food and candy every day," she said. "Pizza and french fries and burgers — I love food and I've always loved food. Vegetables were not a part of my life at all"

The mother-of-one says she sees a major difference from "eating really, really clean healthy foods."

"Obviously I knew there was an association between what I ate and whether I gained 10 pounds or lost 10 pounds, but it never really became a reality for me that it shows on the outside in your hair and skin and even the clarity of your eyes. I was just stubborn."

Debra, who starts her day with a green juice, recently wrapped up filming the pilot episode for the new series The Mysteries of Laura and her new diet helped her power through the strenuous schedule.

"At least I know I'm starting my day and getting a big shot of nutrients that I need. I start out strong … For the pilot, I was shooting 15, 16, 17 hours everyday," she told ABC News. "I really depended on having that juice once or twice a day. It really gave me more energy. That made an obvious difference for me, in me feeling strong."

And it sure shows!

Watch Debra open up about her new lifestyle below:

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