Dreams really do come true! Last week, Disneyland launched several rose gold treats, but now we've gotten word that they've also unveiled sparkly AF rose gold churros. Yeah, I'm talking strawberry flavored, Insta-worthy treats that you can only get at The Happiest Place on Earth, obv.

The park's Instagram account shared a photo of the (seriously beautiful) dessert along with the caption, "And just when I thought what else could they make rose gold? Rose Gold Churros! This strawberry flavored churros can only be found at the churros cart in front of the castle. When will this madness stop?" Sigh, why must New York City be so far away from California? WHY?

The news comes just weeks after Disney announced they'd be breaking their zero-alcohol policy. In January, USA Today reported that Disneyland is getting a brewery, and we honestly don't know how to process all of this amazing news at once. According to the mag, San Diego's Ballast Point will open in Disney's Downtown District later this year. Marty Birkel, president of Ballast Point told the publication, "Disney approached us with this opportunity. There are so many incredible breweries in the SoCal area, so we were really honored to be tapped by Disney." Pun intended?

Ballast Point's new digs will include an outdoor beer garden with cabana-style seats, a tasting room, and a kitchen. Oh, and it'll also be a whopping 7,300 square feet. NBD. Of-age patrons will find the California-based brewery's signature lineup — including its signature Sculpin IPA — as well as limited-edition beers only available at its Disney location. Customers will also be able to chow down on items like Baja-style fish tacos and house-made pretzels served with beer-infused mustard and cheese. Uh, yum!

The best part? You can now walk down the street and hit up the churro stand. Unfortunately, one of these bad boys will set you back a cool $5.25 — a bit ridiculous, if you ask us. Then again, people will pay it! And by people, I mean me. See you in line!