If you're a lover of all things nugs, get ready to take a hop, skip, and a jump across the pond. Why? Because there's a chicken nugget festival happening in London this summer. We repeat, there is a chicken nugget festival happening in London summer.

According to the v. important Facebook event, London's First Chicken Nugget & Wings Festival will take place on Aug. 11 from 12-9 p.m. "Chicken Nuggets are delicious," the description reads. Yes, we agree. "Who will win the Nugget encrusted crown? We're looking for the Chicken Nugget King & Queen of London. First 100 people to post on the wall & share this event will receive a chicken nugget on entry. Seriously." Say no more!

chicken nugget festival facebook

The UK's Metro reported that the festival will showcase a variety of chicken nuggets, including ones which are baked, breaded, or battered. There will also be a chicken nugget-eating contest, which is how you'll be crowned the "Nugget King" and "Nugget Queen" for the day.

Naturally, folks on Twitter are already stoked. "My only life goal is to attend the chicken nugget festival in the UK," one person wrote. Another added, "There is a chicken nugget festival in London this summer and they'll be crowning a chicken nugget queen and king. Brb, booking my plane ticket." A third chimed in that she's disappointed there's not one happening in the US. Same, girl, same. "Man, I always find cool festivals to go to and they're always in the UK. Why can't America have a chicken nugget festival? We're already fat." A fourth, however, just straight up does not get it. "I like chicken nuggets, but I do not understand how people hype it so much to a fact that there is a chicken nugget festival. What the actual f–k people?!" Hey, speak for yourself, man!

As of the publication of this post, 1,100 people will be attending the event, and nearly 8,000 more are interested. In other words, you better get your tickets while they last. Currently, there's a pre-registration for eager meat lovers, so hurry up. You're welcome!