Calling all chocoholics! Did you know you can now be paid to eat chocolate? In case you haven’t heard, Cadbury’s is now hiring chocolate tasters and, yes, you’re probably thinking the same exact thing — dream job!

The company is hoping to fill four taste-testing positions — including “Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster” and “Chocolate Taster.” The job descriptions state that employees will be asked to give their honest feedback about potential new products. The best part? No qualifications are required — except for “a passion for confectionery and taste buds for detection.”

The job, based in Europe, pays about $11 an hour. The Sun previously reported that Mondelez — the parent company of Cadbury’s — was in search of similar roles last year and received a staggering 1,500 applications in one day. Presently, according to MSN, the original job posting remains the fifth most viewed on LinkedIn.

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While there may be even tougher competition in 2018, you should still give it a shot. To apply, click here. And do it soon — because the application period comes to a close on Friday, Feb. 16. Of course, many chocolate enthusiasts took to Twitter to express their sheer excitement over the possibility of landing one of the coveted roles.

“OK WUT?? Cadbury’s is about to pay me to eat chocolate?? Who do I have to kill to get this job? Jk but also not really,” one joked, while another asked, “How am I just finding out that my dream job of eating chocolate exists? I was born for this!!”

A few chocolate lovers even suggested that college was a huge waste of time since being a professional chocolate taster requires absolutely no schooling. “Seriously regret going to college now that I know I can be a chocolate taster? What a waste of money,” one wrote, while another quipped, “Hmmm have never used my degree and now I probably won’t ever now that I know I can eat chocolate for a living.”