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The holiday shopping season doesn’t need to be just about buying gifts for other folks. In fact, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself and get something new when your favorite Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts roll around.

But buying presents for ourselves can be tough, especially since we’re in the habit of thinking of others first. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some great gifts to get yourself this holiday season so you can look forward to opening presents come Christmas!

Get the Gear You Need for Summer Grilling

Summer will be returning before you know it, which means it’ll be grilling weather once again. If you like to showcase your skills with a spatula and burger seasonings, why not take advantage of holiday discounts to pick up a new grill?

RTA Outdoor Living’s flat top grill selections are perfect for novice chefs and backyard barbecue pros alike. You can choose from an affordable and economic flat top grill or a sizzling steak masterpiece with all the bells and whistles, depending on your budget and your personal preferences. No matter which you choose, we bet they’ll look great in your backyard as soon as the summer sunshine comes back!

Stand Up Taller in the New Year With a Back Brace

Far too many of us live through each day with excessive back pain, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you in the new year. In fact, Incrediwear has a comfortable and effective back brace you should try out if you find yourself wincing when you get out of bed.

This top-tier therapeutic gift features embedded semiconductors to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and swelling, and optimize the natural healing process across the board. With Incrediwear’s back brace, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to go for a jog or get up from a sitting position; you may even forget you had back pain at all! Plus, it’s far cheaper than a visit to the chiropractor.

Spice up Your Home Décor With Washable Rugs

You might want to redo or improve your home décor this holiday season. What better way is there to spice up your interior design and minimize the messes from your kids or pets than to lay down a few washable rugs?

Fortunately, Tumble has plenty of washable rug designs, all of which are completely exclusive and hand-illustrated in-house. Each of the washable rug options is machine washable, perfect for pets and kids. They’re also spill-proof and come with a nonslip rug pad, which is perfect for homes that have hardwood floors or for folks who want to place a washable rug on the linoleum floors of their kitchens.

Browse the selection of Tumble’s washable rugs and see if any of them catch your eye. The new year will feel even newer and fresher with a brand-new, vibrant rug in your living room or kitchen.

Get Some New Shirts ‘Till Spring Arrives


Sometimes, there’s no gift better than some new threads that make you look and feel your best. Since spring is still months away, it’s a good idea to opt for some long sleeve or winter-appropriate wear instead of articles you’ll only be able to don in warmer weather.

Look for a brand that offers a wide range of excellent and aesthetically-pleasing clothing options for both men and women. The long sleeve henley shirts from Public Rec are available in multiple colors and feature smart design choices,like moisture-wicking fabric, breathable cuts, and flatlock stitching to defend against chafing. Pick up a shirt or two to re-energize your winter wardrobe in style.

Treat Yourself (and Your Beard) With a New Razor

Have a beard or want to grow one in the future? You’ll set yourself up for success throughout 2023 if you pick up a new razor for a close shave. Even if you like to maintain your beard, a fresh razor will help you keep those beard lines looking sharp and straight no matter what.

To that end, you might want to check out straight razor options from The Beard Club. This brand’s straight-edge razor is affordable, economical, and comes with a whopping ten stainless steel blades, plus a sleek travel case for added convenience and value for money.

Be Prepared for Anything With a Multi-Tool

Like to feel prepared and ready for anything that might come your way in the new year? This holiday season, you’ll be best off purchasing a multi-tool for your own personal use. 

The Leatherman Garage has the perfect multi-tool options, regardless of your price point or what specific tools you want to be included in your quite literal Swiss Army knife. Pick up the perfect multi-tool for your chores and hobbies, and you’ll feel peace of mind whether you’re at work or tinkering away in your man cave.

Store Your Cards and Cash in Style With a New Wallet


Have an old, worn-out wallet that threatens to spill out your cash and cards every time you whip it out? Don’t keep it when there are so many great deals available this holiday season. Instead, pick up a new leather wallet from a brand like Coach.

A new leather wallet will make you feel like 100 bucks in no time. Plus, many of the best leather wallets come in a variety of sizes with extra accessories like money clips, coin cases, and magnetic protectors to keep your personal information safe anywhere you go. This personal holiday gift is even more important if you’re single and ready to mingle; a good looking wallet will make you seem more charming and mature than ever.


Any of the above gifts could be great ways to treat yourself this holiday season and ensure you have something nice to enjoy, no matter what awaits you under the Christmas tree from loved ones.