Now that the Spice Girls are returning for a 2018 reunion tour, our inner 12-year-old is screaming. We’re suckers for good ol’ ’90s nostalgia, and nothing is as ’90s as the Spice Girls. Although they’ve long tossed those Union Jack dresses and platform shoes away, the energy of the fab five is still there. In fact, just this past week the girls were pictured arriving at Geri Halliwell‘s house to have tea and discuss the upcoming reunion. After seeing photos of Ginger Spice’s house, we were curious what the other ladies’ homes look like. Are they all quaint and British like Geri’s? Well, you’ll be surprised. Watch the video above to go on a tour of all the mansions the Spice Girls live in.

spice girls

Probably the most surprising thing about the girl group is that, with the exception of Mel B, they all live in charming country estates away from the city. Emma Bunton, Melanie C, and Geri have all pretty much chosen a life of quiet domesticity away from the hustle and bustle of fame. “Life’s a lot calmer there,” Melanie revealed about the country home she used to share with her ex, Thomas Starr. “I’ve been doing my best to balance work and home life – it’s more balanced than it was.” Geri has shared similar sentiments in the past. “Sometimes the best thing is just hanging out together at home doing absolutely nothing,” she said in 2015, “just eating or watching telly. That’s really nice.”

However, it appears the allure of stomping around singing “Wannabe” to millions of fans is just too tempting to ignore. The members have discussed reuniting for years now, but Victoria Beckham kept holding out. Fortunately, she’s “fully onboard” now, according to TMZ, and the group will kickstart their tour in the UK this summer before crossing into the US. Unfortunately, there won’t be any new music, but hey — we can still dream.