The Spice Girls are reportedly set for a big reunion next year and it will involve Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice has repeatedly said she intends to leave pop music in her past as she continues to focus on her career as a successful fashion designer. But, Melanie C, who is also said to be responsible for derailing past reunion attempts, has suggested once more that Vicky B is keen, according to The Sun.

An insider told the newspaper, “The five of them have been locked in secret talks since the summer, and finally they are all onboard for a 2018 reunion.” As it stands, they will be working together on a series of projects, which will include an album and a TV special celebrating the Spice Girls.

spice girls

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“And getting Victoria to agree has been a coup for everyone involved, given she has always been the person holding back on a reunion. The fact she is on board now is down to how much closer the five of them have become recently,” the insider explained.

Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Mel B previously announced they were working together again as a trio under the name GEM, and there was talk of a huge gig in London’s Hyde Park. But Sporty Spice said she thought all five of them should be involved.

They are now said to be working with their former mastermind manager Simon Fuller after supporting Mel B through her divorce. While reunion plans are still in the early stages and are moving forward slowly as it’s difficult to get all five ladies in the same place at the same time, their team is said to be pleased with how things are going. We can’t wait!

This post was written by Owen Tonks. It originally appeared on our sister site, heatworld.