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TragicFashion Victims of the ’90s Who Deserve a Moment of Silence—After You’re Done Cackling

Sometimes it's baffling that '90s fashion trends came back in style when nobody could pull them off the first time—even celebrities. In fact, celebs were undoubtedly the worst fashion victims of bad '90s style. While us normals can hide our photo albums full of clown collars and bowl cuts, there's no burying the red carpet looks that plague today's A-listers 30 years later. And today, we'd like to properly eulogize all the celebrities who dragged down their Hollywood good looks with bad '90s outfits.

Now look, we're not throwing shade at chokers and crop tops (maybe a little at crop tops, they tend to guilt us about our Chipotle obsession). We're just saying that your rose-tinted view of the era's trends is probably wrong, wrong, and wrong. Our nostalgia-loving minds see the decade in neon Saved by the Bell colors. And that's cute, but the reality is a lot darker…and neutral toned.

From Mandy Moore to Mila Kunis, the maxi drowned so much fresh-faced young talent. Not that the micro-mini and its constant marriage to a tiny tank top was a better alternative. It's all about balance, ladies!

And '90s style faux pas didn't discriminate by gender. There were plenty of brave men who fought a valiant battle with a bottle of hair gel and lost. Of course, if you were a boy bander there was no way you could escape the millennium looking even vaguely dignified—Justin Timberlake's noodle hair is definite proof of that. But what's David Beckham's excuse for the pop star-approved leather-on-leather ensemble? Ok, it was literally Posh Spice, whatever.

Relive some of the most painful '90s fashion tragedies to ever be recorded on camera. And say it with us: Never again. Check out the gallery to see your favorite celebrities in the worst of '90s fashion.