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Grab the Popcorn, There Are Tons of Movie Sequels Heading Your Way

Years ago Hollywood hated the idea of making movie sequels, believing that it was a less than classy way to cash in on a film's popularity. Now, of course, there aren't too many movies that go into production that don't have the word "franchise" in mind. Not only do they plan for a series of films, but there are ideas for toys, theme parks, commercial tie-ins, Happy Meals and all the rest. The good thing that comes out of all of that is that we get to see new adventures of old friends, which is simply the best.

And we're not just talking about things like Star Wars, James Bond or Jurassic World (although they are among the current crop of films coming your way). This year alone, we're getting follow-ups to Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia!, The Incredibles, and the female-centric continuation of the Ocean's 11 films in the form of Ocean's 8. And that's just in 2018. Next year's sequels include Top Gun: Maverick, Toy Story 4 (yay!), Stephen King's It, and Frozen 2. Let's face it, going to the movies has never been more fun.

Check out your full guide below to all the sequel movies coming soon in the order they'll be hitting theaters. Start getting the popcorn ready now!