Badabababa(d) decision! McDonald's is working towards destroying all that is good in the world by making their Happy Meals healthier. The fast-food giant announced Thursday that by 2022, cheeseburgers will only be available in Happy Meals upon request and that french fry portions will be reduced. In addition, at least half of the meals listed on menus worldwide will have no more than 600 calories, with 10 percent of those calories coming from saturated fat and 10 percent from added sugar. Sodium will be limited as well. RIP!

The Illinois-based company said it also will explore adding new foods to Happy Meals, such as the Junior Chicken — a grilled chicken sandwich McDonald's restaurants in Italy introduced last month."It's a journey," said Julia Braun, the burger chain's head of global nutrition. "It's a delicate balance. Customers are looking for options today they can feel good about eating."

But we're not so convinced. According to Twitter users, they just want some good ole' fashioned greasy food. "Anything from McDonald's should be considered a treat, not the norm," one person wrote. "A piece of cheese won’t make that big of a difference." Another agreed, "If you're concerned about healthy eating, you don't eat fast food, morons!" A third chimed in, "The cheeseburger kids meal is the only reason I ever go to McDonald's." A fourth is just downright appalled. "You know you are a fast food place right? It's not supposed to be healthy. You need to know that when I was a kid it wasn't about healthy foods because we got that at home. It was about having an unhealthy treat for enjoyment." You tell 'em!

USA Today reports that on any given day, one out of three American children eats fast food, and on those days, their daily caloric intake is higher than usual, according to Jennifer Harris of the University of Connecticut's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. TBH, that sounds like a parenting problem to us — and not something McDonald's should worry about solving. #SadMeal.